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SERVO Automatic Control

* Features

  • POSITIONER-embedded ELECTRIC SERVO UNIT: Embedded POSITIONER directly controls stroke length of metering pump by controller signal. And, when operating in connection with dedicated stroke length adjustable POSITION SETTER (PS-100D), manual control of stroke length in remote place (e.g. central control center) is allowed and the current stroke length of metering pump is displayed. So, it is easy to operate. Easy formation of SYSTEM does not only contribute to drastic simplification of implementation work but also very easy control method.
  • Direct control by DC4~20mA signal: Discharge rate of metering pump can be controlled by the direct connection of output signal of automatic control unit such as controller, etc to servo unit

* Applications

  • • Chemicals feeding equipment for neutralizing waste water and sewage
  • • Chemicals feeding equipment for water purification and food & beverage, etc
  • • Place where dosing amount varies from the field conditions during operation
  • • And work requiring metering transfer

* Introduction

Simple Instrumentation work

  • Instrumentation work is simple, since Feedback resistance wiring, deviation protection switch, & motor wiring needed in traditional Servo Motor are not needed and it is controlled by DC4~20mA.

Simple Adjustment of System

  • Inconvenient adjustment in jobsite caused by separation between Servo-unit and Positioner is removed , since Positioner is built in our Servo-unit and it is delivered to customer after adjustment is completed in our factory.
    Therefore, System adjustment can be completed by simple test for Input Signal(DC 4 ~ 20mA)

Simple System

  • operating and maintenance are simple, since system can be built with Minimal controller.

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