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Foundation anniversary holiday announcement.

    Hello   Monday, December 6, 2021,   will be closed as the founding anniversary of Cheonse Industrial.       We are on duty even during the holiday,    so please contact the following contact information for any questions.   Thank you.     HQ : +82-31-465-1003 Banwol factory :  +82-31-493-1003 Daejeon office : +82-42-862-1003   Busan office : +82-51-502-1003  


Review on participating in the International Fire & Safety Expo Korea 2021

      Hello.   We, Cheonsei Ind. Co., Ltd. participated in the 2021 International Fire Safety Fair held in EXCO,    Daegu from November 24th to November 26th.       The fair has been held from the following year upon the Daegu subway disaster in 2003.    This year is its 17th, and it is one of Asias top three fire fairs.       In the fire market, drum pumps are used to transfer foam fluid to fire trucks.   We successfully completed this fair by promoting not only foam fluid transfer pumps but also explosion-proof drum pumps that can be    safely transferred in explosive sites.       Thank you for your interest and support, and we will repay you with good products and services.                                        


Opening the Homepage of KEMPION Digital Controller MESTAR+ !

          We newly opened the Homepage of KEMPION Digital Controller MESTAR+.    There are three kinds of models(pH/ORP, RC(Residual Chlorine), DO(Dissolved Oxgen)) in MESTAR+.    You can choose various options(Communication, Temp. Compensation, & etc.) according to the site condition.    You can find more detail information from the link below.    ※ Link for Mestar+ Homepage : [ ]      


We have obtained the CE certification on our water quality measuring system (Mestar+ pH,RC,DO).

                Hello, my dear visitors to Cheonsei   We received the CE(EMC) certification on our “Mestar+ pH, RC, DO” models on June 29 and then the CE(LVD) certification on August 3, 2020.   We will continue to make endeavors to improve the quality of our products to the level satisfactory to our customers.   Thank you.                


We have won an Export Tower on the occasion of the 56th Trade Day.

                  Hello, my dear visitors to Cheonsei   On December 5 last year, we won an Export Tower award in recognition of our remarkable accomplishment in exports.   Our company was one of the proud award winners consisting of about 1,300 exporters along with persons of distinguished service in trade.   We owe our successful steps into the global market to your deep affection and attention.   We once again thank our customers for choosing our products.          


We have earned the Promising SME Enterprise certificate from Gyeonggi Province.

            Hello, my dear visitors to Cheonsei   We were ed by Gyeonggi Province as a Promising Small and Medium (SME) company in recognition of our growth potential on November 8 last year.   Armed with these growth engines that have been recognized officially, we will continue to provide our customers with highest satisfaction with our good quality products.   Thank you.            


We have earned the CE certification on our solenoid metering pumps (SP-C and SP-D)

              Hello, my dear visitors to Cheonsei   We obtained the CE certification on our SP-C and SP-D models on August 16, 2019.   We promise to do our best to provide top-quality products that will satisfy our customers.   Thank you.                


Participation in VIETWATER 2019 ended successfully

                      CHEONSEI(KEMPION) participated VIETWATER HANOI 2019 held in Center International Trade Fair Hanoi(I.C.E), Hanoi, Vietnam, during July 24th ~ 26th, 2019.   Our Vietnam agent, VIETNAM TECHNIQUE SERVICE COMPANY LTD.(VINATESCO), was joined with us in VIETWATER HANOI 2019.   Many visitors come to our booth and it was great time for us.  Thank you for your visiting to our booth!   We highly appreciate VINATESCO for their support in VIETWATER HANOI 2019 and hospitality they had shown to us!   See you next VIETWATER HO CHI MINH 2020!?                                       


Participation in INDOWATER 2019 ended successfully

                    We participated INDOWATER 2019 held at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia, during July 17th ~ 19th. Our Indonesia agent, ARENA PRIMA INTERNATIONAL, was joined with us in INDOWATER 2019 and many visitors came to our booth. We very much enjoyed every minute and we are impressed with the active interest of many visitors during INDOWATER 2019. We would like to take this chance to appreciate visitors for visiting to our booth! Specially, we highly appreciate ARENA PRIMA INTERNATIONALs help & support in INDOWATER 2019!                          


Participation in VIETWATER HANOI 2019

  KEMPION(CHEONSEI) will participate VIETWATER HANOI 2019    held on Center International Trade Fair Hanoi(I.C.E), Hanoi, Vietnam, during July 24th ~ 26th, 2019, together with    VINATESCO, which is our sole agent in Vietnam.   KEMPION booth number is C2-01.   We are look forward to meeting you in VIETWATER HANOI 2019 !                             ??