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Diaphragm Smoothy Metering Pumps (PDS)

* Features

  • Pulse rate within ± 3%
  • Diaphragm Damage Detection Device is standard
  • Available up to maximum 20,000mPa·s
  • Attaching BLDC Motor of high control ability
  • Increased confidence of discharge capacity by RPM Feed Back Controll
  • Remote proportional control by 4~20mA Input signal
  • No worry about damage of motor even in slow operation
  • Air chamber free

* Applications

  • Power generation plant : Remover for desulfurization and denitrification, hydrazine injection process
  • Display materials : Coating process of film membrane
  • Foods : Metering injection of food flavoring
  • Paints : Supplying paints for high pressure spray equipments
  • Medical products : Proportional injection of raw material for manufacturing process of pharmaceutical product.
  • Water treatmentㆍWastewater treatment, Injection of AcidㆍAlkali counteragent ③ In general

* Introduction

Outstanding pulse reduction / Available in transferring high viscosity liquid

  • In general, Metering pumps have advantages for high discharge pressure, fixed quantity, and corrosion resistance, but it could be restricted to use in some cases because it have characteristic arising pulsation in injection side caused by operating principle. Cheonsei(KEMPION) has developed Smoothy Metering Pumps which have overcame the restriction.

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