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PH/ORP Electrodes

* Features

  • Electrode is divided into room temperature use, high temperature use and temperature compensation use by purpose of Process. Especially, temperature compensation electrode has very great resolution power and precision degree because it uses pt-1000Ω element, so it is featured with minimizing pH measurement tolerance limit according to the temperature change.

* Applications

  • Industrial field or various water quality control part
  • Industrial field under high temperature up to 80℃ exceeding room temperature (paper, ferementation, plating)
  • Industrial field or laboratory requiring high degree of productivity
  • Used for plating containing cyanide in processes or waste water treatment

* Introduction

Did you ever see pulseless metering pump?

  • • Integrated Glass(Metal) electrode and Reference electrode provides easy installation. The electrode has much superior accuracy to Gel Type non-replenishment electrode as highly viscous internal liquid replenishing type.

    • Instructions for using electrode
    - Glass membrane and internal liquid replenishing hole are covered with protective cap to prevent leakage of internal liquid during storage or transportation. When you use it, make sure you uncover the cap before use.
    - Make sure you use the electrode within limit of the working temperature.
    - Replenish with 3Mol Kcf solution because you cannot measure it if the level of internal liquid falls under the position of reference electrode.

    Standard Dimension

    Model Code A B C
    GS-5 34 120 154
    GST-5 34 120 154
    GSH-5 34 120 154
    GSTH-5 34 120 154
    CPP11 30 120 150
    CPP12 30 120 150
    CPP13 30 120 150
    CPP14 30 110 140
    CPR11 30 105 135
    CPD11 60 105 165

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