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Drum Pumps

* Features

  • Sealless structure removing unstable factor in pump performance
  • Shortly idle running contributes to the reduction of the consequential part replacement cost
  • Fail-safe device built-in motor prevents motor damage due to overload
  • Easy operation and replacement of parts
  • Motor casing made of excellent corrosion-resistant and robust anti-impact material
  • Selection of one of PP, PVDF, STS316 pipe material enables strong corrosive liquid to be transferred

* Applications

  • To transfer and small divide in plating factory, chemistry factory and chemicals warehouse
  • To transfer and refurnish of chemicals in the workshop of metal factory and waste water treatment facilities
  • To fill chemicals in laboratory or hospital
  • To transport chemicals from the drum to the tank in electric power company and public office
  • To subdivide or transport organic, inorganic chemicals and high viscosity chemicals from drum/container/pail

* Introduction

Drum Pump Motor

  • Incorporated thermal load protection (TP) and overcurrent circuit breaker provides double protection of motor damage due to overload
  • Incorporated Low Voltage Release (optional item) protects potential motor damage due to use of low voltage
  • Employed internal ventilated cooling system of air flow downward type prevents outside harmful gas from coming in motor
  • Standard featured with double insulation and 5m power cable including plug

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