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Spring Return Type – KH Series

* Features

  • Increase safety & durability by Hydraulic Regulator
  • Application merits of diaphragm pumps for various liquids and plunger pumps for high pressure & precision
  • Flow rate control by manual & remote flow rate control by available Servo-unit & BLDC M/C UNIT.
  • It is possible to select Vertical type pumps & Horizontal type pumps in accordance with field condition.
  • Use for chemical injection in the process line of Petrochemical Industry & Foot Sanitation.

* Applications

  • For chemical injection in various industrial fields including petrochemical industry, food industry, & etc.

* Introduction

How it works:

  • Eccentric Cam which reduces motor rotation by Worm Gear makes the reciprocating motion of Piston connected to the Slider Shaft. This reciprocal motion of Piston is transmitted to the Working Oil(Silicon Oil) isolated by Diaphragm and the liquid is sucked & discharged.
  • A Hydraulic Regulator built-in Relief Valve adjusts the Working Oil Pressure in order to prevent pump damage when abnormal pressure occurs during operation.
  • If abnormal pressure occurs, Relief Valve will be open when discharge cycle, then the Working Oil in the Hydraulic Regulator will be raised to a certain level in order to prevent pump damage, and Oil Supply Valve will be open when suction cycle, then the Working Oil will be filled in the Working Oil chamber, Piston will be moved smoothly. And it will resumes to normal operational status when the abnormal pressure is removed.
  • Working Oil Pressure can be easily adjusted by Control Nut

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