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BLDC Automatic Control

* Features

  • RPM Feedback control by Hall element allows for accurate rpm (discharge rate) control
  • BLDC (Brushless DC) motor operation contributes to the constant discharge rate control without effect of load change despite low speed operation and free of worry about motor damage.
  • Discharge rate controllable exactly to minimum 5%
  • Closed loop control system by Feedback signal guarantees reliability on discharge rate
  • Standard-featured isolator built-in type allows for direct connection to PLC or Computer without additional devices
  • Available for ratio setting operation for remote input signal using Ratio Setter function
  • Solved problems resulting from operation of inverter

* Applications

  • Most progressive automatic flow control system
    which is entirely different From existing one.
  • Feedback Control of Motor RPM provides
    injection of exact discharge rate and Remote one.

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