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AX Series

* Features

  • Safe driving motor
  • Can choose between two types of motor according to use
  • Built-in temperature switch protects motor from neglectful operation
  • In case of Shaded Pole motor, standard is single head
  • In case of totally enclosed self-cooling motor, standard is single head, duplex head & triplex head

* Applications

  • It is used for chemical injection such as boiler chemicals, chlorine sterilant, food additives, etc to various industries such as physics and chemistry, water treatment, waste water treatment, etc.

* Introduction

Liquid-poof Liquid Ends

  • The liquid ends are made of special engineering plastic materials of superior chemical resistance and mechanical rigidity.
    - PRR : Reinforced polyprophylene
    - FRR : Fluoro plastic
  • The O-ring rimmed diaphragm provides complete sealing
  • The liquid proof bellows isolates driving unit from liquid ends for double protection

Easy Dial Setting

  • Volume capacity can be easily adjusted by dial and locked by stop bolt without disturbing pump operation.

Accessories Available

  • There are additional high performance accessories available convenient applications
    - Anti-siphon check valves
    - Foot valve with strainer
    - Flange connections, tees, elbows

Precise valve construction

  • Check valves are of precise dimensions and construction

Gas locking prevention

  • Liquid end design minimizes dead space
  • Air relief valve can be provided for vaporous liquid.
    (Optional item for AX 21~32)

Application of multiplex head

  • You can use multiplex pump for the injection of different liquid or for the extension of discharge volume.
  • Triplex pump of same head can be a pulse-less pump.
  • Combination of large and small heads can be a fine discharge control pump
  • Ratio control becomes possible for various chemicals.

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