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CKP Series

* Features

  • Precise and stable constant discharge flow rate guaranteed with positive return crank drive mechanism.
  • Precise adjustable injection applicable up to maximum 350bar
  • Pressure & maximum 11,000mL discharge rate(660L/h)
  • Below ±0.5% FS precision, straightness and ±2% FS repeatability guaranteed at 10~100% of stroke distance.
  • 0~100℃ of liquid temperature under operation at ambient temperature of 0~40℃
  • Sealed-up construction provided allowing discharge by flowing the liquid leaked from packing to piping system
  • Variety of motor mounting applicable with coupling connection.
  • Diversified fittings (plunger diameter, reduction ratio) with combination of simplex/duplex/triplex operation applicable.
  • Outstanding durability under long continuous operation proved
  • Automatic flow rate control applicable with LDC motor and driver (Number of strokes) and servo unit (stroke distance)
  • Requirements of PI (American Petroleum Institute) 675 Standard complied.
  • Applicable to various water treatment and chemical processes requiring high precision quantitative flow rate or operation under high pressure

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