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Plunger Smoothy Metering Pumps (PKP)

* Features

  • Realization of continuous metering injection in high pressure/high precision
  • Prevention of damage of plumbing fixtures by pulsation flow
  • Excellent discharge responsibility in operation/stop
  • Not required for periodic maintenance due to operation of air chamber

* Applications

  • Power generation plant : Remover for desulfurization and denitrification, hydrazine injection process
  • Display materials : Coating process of film membrane
  • Foods : Metering injection of food flavoring
  • Paints : Supplying paints for high pressure spray equipments
  • Medical products : Proportional injection of raw material for manufacturing process of pharmaceutical product.
  • Water treatmentㆍWastewater treatment, Injection of AcidㆍAlkali counteragent

* Introduction

Did you ever see pulseless metering pump?

  • In general, Metering pumps have advantages for high discharge pressure, fixed quantity, and corrosion resistance, but it could be restricted for use according to the process because it have characteristic arising pulsation in injection side caused by operating principle. Cheonsei has developed constant velocity cam which removes its characteristic radically, and has completed Smoothy Metering Pumps as patent technology for correction of constant velocity cam. It has acquired Certificate of New Excellent Product(NEP) and Excellent Performance Certification(EPC) by patent technology.

    Item CHEONSEI diaphragm pulseless metering pump (Air chamber, back pressure valve not required) General metering pump (Air chamber, back pressure valve employed)
    Discharge responsibility in operation/stop Small Big
    Periodic pulsation repairing work Quick (Precise chemical dosing is available) Slow (Precise dosing is unavailable)
    Discharge responsibility in operation/stop Not required Required (2~3 times monthly)

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