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Automatic type – SP-A Series

* Features

  • Precise injection and flow control by the dual control of Stroke Length & Stroke Numbers
  • The operation status can be checked with Status Lamp(LED)
  • Sealing and Accuracy are improved by double check Valve
  • Can cope with difficult environments by robust IP65 class and casing material of chemical resistance
  • Various auto-control fuction (Option)
    - Ratio Control by input signal of PULSE
    - Multiplication & Division input signal of 4~20mA
    - Alarm for Low Level & Signal Error
    - Remote Run & Stop
  • Easy & Safe Air Vent Valve

* Applications

  • Used for injection of Boiler Chemical, Chlorine Disinfectants, & Food Additives, and used for dosing chemicals in various industrial fields including physico-chemical fields, semiconductor device, water treatment, waste water treatment fields, & etc

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